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About E.C. Gladstone: Backstory


l_8bbd30a9d60c3d7cbd47b5999b4db9b7In the first years of his career, E.C. (Eric) Gladstone’s career focused on the worlds of music and movies, writing for magazines including Us Weekly (Staff Writer, L.A. Bureau) Rolling Stone, Spin and Alternative Press, as well as MTV Online, AOL Music (video interviewer) and (Associate Editor, Podcast Interviewer).

He also held the position of Editor for the last three (of six) issues of the Beastie Boys’ influential Grand Royal magazine.

Some of E.C.’s film features can be found on

“Eric’s work always demonstrated a passionate, expert-level knowledge of the subject matter and a fluid, engaging, no-nonsense style. Eric goes beyond the call of duty… Great pitches, podcasts, the works.” — John Srebalus, former editor,

“[That cover story] is a cataclysmic moment in our history” – Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan

“One of the coolest magazines in the known universe” Dazed & Confused, on Grand Royal while EG was Editor.

Here’s a Beastiemania website interview about editing Grand Royal magazine

•He appeared on TV’s Access Hollywood and Inside Edition, panels at CMJ and other music conventions, and in the Smashing Pumpkins documentary “If All Goes Wrong.”

* Other publications included LA Weekly, Interview, Seventeen, Flaunt, N.M.E., Premiere (Japan)...

His shift from entertainment to food & beverage came through an opportunity to help open the Edendale Grill & Mixville Bar, as primary silent investor and conceptual consultant (playing a part in everything from naming to décor and menu), immersing him in the world of food, wine and the emerging interest in spirits and cocktails.